How to have good Timing in Hitting a Baseball

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Major League baseball player or you’re in high school. Every player serious about the game wants to be the best hitter they can be. To start improving immediately, you just need the right tips and motivation to practice frequently.

While the tips necessary for becoming a better hitter are mostly for players, parents and coaches can benefit too. Parents should know this information to help their kid’s practice, and coaches should know it since they are the primary teachers for their players. Many players would like to know how to have good timing in hitting a baseball with a best baseball bat .

There are several things a player should know to become a better hitter immediately.

Hitting mechanics.

While you’re in the batter’s box, always have your eyes on the ball with your head facing the pitcher.

good Timing in Hitting

To help with balance, stand shoulder width apart and bend the knees slightly. Hold the bat in a vertical position six to eight inches from the chest. Keep your shoulder and hips closed until it’s time to swing. The swing should be smooth and consistent and always follow through with your swing.

Have confidence.

After mechanics, a ball player should learn to have confidence while hitting. They must trust that they will accomplish their hitting goals. This requires patience from the player. They need to be selective and wait for the right pitch. A player needs to learn to shake off bad at-bats. They should be confident that their next at-bat will be better.


Position your body well

A common mistake that players make is they will bend their knees while they take the stride. This is an issue because it will throw the entire body’s alignment off, which will decrease the effectiveness of the stride. When the alignment is off, it is more likely that the player will swing through the ball.

General timing

You have to know something about timing. You could have your mechanics down and great confidence, but sometimes the timing is bad, and you just don’t get any good hits.

That’s perfectly normal and shouldn’t get you discouraged. Everyone has times like that If they didn’t, more people would have .

700 hitting averages.

When it happens to you, dust yourself off and continue to give your best effort.

Body weight distribution Your weight distribution is important. Your body weight should stay back. If your weight ends up going forward, it could lead to lunging for the ball, which is very likely to end up as a weak ground ball or popup.

Work on these tips right now and on a consistent basis and you’re sure to be a better hitter soon. Be patient and don’t give up and you’ll be the ball player you want to be